The most sophisticated and innovative self-service kiosk with an integrated suite of software tools designed to facilitate and manage the workflow of photo labs. It effectively manages high capacity photo lab workflows and is also suitable for smaller operators. Innovative solutions are vital to increase the customer traffic necessary to make your business expand and consolidate

What is FotoTok?

FotoTok Order Kiosk, the revolutionary new interactive order kiosk for printing can be easily installed in color labs. The kiosk is all set to change the way the photo processing industry works. Helping color labs increase flow traffic. And enabling customers to easily take prints from any digital device is it from a digital camera, camera phone, CD, DVD, etc. All, at a time and pace convenient to your customer. TellerSoft, the ultimate innovative image solution company, introduces FotoTok - an indigenously developed photo kiosk, that helps color labs and retailers stay abreast with the emerging trends in the international photo industry.

  • We Offer

  • Digital photo printing capabilities in seconds.
  • Burn the Photos into CD/DVD.
  • Take an instant photo and instant print.
  • Edit your photos.
  • Upload the images to web.
  • Multiple print sizes execution in a single work order.
  • Transfer images from a remote located kiosk to Photo lab.
  • Transfer images from your camera phone via bluetooth.
  • One touch color correction, crop or creep.
  • Create a digital album.
  • Accept the order from a remote location.
  • All types of passport and Id photos.
  • Variety of reports to know the business.
  • Automated operation without human assistance.
  • Complete privacy.
  • Very small space for installation.
  • Supports all modern media types.
  • Connect to the Lab over Internet.
  • CD
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Range of Kiosk Products

FotoTok Order Kiosk

The FotoTok menu is attractive and inspiring enough to make your customers use its value-added features. This machine will definitely help to increase volumes and can even be accessed 24x7. Fotook makes it simpler for colour lab owners to get reports of cash and order flow. Enabling them to create individual promotions or offers, as well as build customer relationship through e-mails and other modes of communication. FotoTok has a small footprint, and more than one kiosk can be networked together in a colour lab, or even when placed at remote locations like shopping malls, theatres, railway stations, tourist spots etc. These networked kiosks can be centrally managed from a single location, like your colour lab. When multiple kiosks are used inside colour labs, these machines help decrease the need of manpower (sales persons/ computer operators etc.). These kiosks can be intelligently networked with the cash counter. And with the printed estimates the customer receives from these kiosks, billing and payment is made all the more easy.

FotoTok Work Station Kiosk

FotoTok's Workstation Kiosk with a built-in photo printer (thermal instant printer) can be installed in shopping malls, supermarkets, leading retail outlets, airports etc. Customers can take instant prints of different sizes including passport size. FotoTok Workstation Kiosk can function independently or can be networked to the nearest colour lab and managed from there. Colour labs covering major local and international events in their region can use the FotoTok Workstation Kiosk for additional mileage and profits. By installing the Workstation Kiosk in the event site, customers get the unique advantage of printing their favourite pictures of the event, on the spot and instantly!


FotoTrans is a fastest online file transferring printing solutions from many locations. The prime user of our service is color labs and their customers. The key benefit of FotoTrans is the reduction of time consumption for photo transfer. FotoTrans ensure spot transfer of your images with the best way that you can.

Functional Features

FotoTrans customized for color labs and their customers (Ministudios, Freelance photographers, amateurs etc.) who frequently order prints through the color labs.

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